Gmail detects when you forget to attach a file for sending

I was writing an email on Gmail a few minutes ago and I intended to send a file to the recipient. When I clicked Send, Gmail displayed the message below, asking me if I meant to attach files to my email message. It was able to detect that I wanted to send an attachment because it detected the phrase is attached in my email message. See the screen shot below.

Gmail can now detect no attachements

Update: I removed is in the phrase is attached, and Gmail didn’t ask me anymore. So I guess, the confirmation is only triggered when it detected the phrase is attached in the email message. It’s also triggered when it detects the phrase see attached.

I was very surprised because I had forgotten to attach files I meant to send via Gmail a hundred times before but it has never asked me this before. I think it’s an excellent new feature that they’re implementing. It’s surely a great enhancement to Gmail user experience.

On the other hand, it’s a reminder that Google can and does read your email messages. And that I think is the scary thing about this. What do you think?

  • Erik

    I think it's great. It has saved me a few times already!

  • Pat Murray

    Haha it just saved me too. I think it is great! I don't think they really read your messages, just set up queries to recognize certain things.. thanks gmail