Fixed: Cannot upload photos to Facebook from iPhone

For weeks, I had been unable to upload photos from my iPhone 4 to Facebook. The error message that kept appearing was:

ALERT: Your photo could not be uploaded at this time.

I thought it was my local network or 3G network that was preventing me from completing the upload. So I did some digging around and found what’s causing the issue — the Location Services setting for Facebook on your iPhone.

To resolve this photo upload error, do the following:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Location Services.
  2. Verify that Location Services is set to ON.
  3. In the list apps that uses Location Services, look for Facebook.
  4. Verify that Facebook is set to ON.
Fix for unable to upload photo from iPhone to Facebook
Location Services on the iPhone

That’s it. The error should no longer occur and you should now be able to upload photos to Facebook from your iPhone.

If it didn’t work or you have questions, leave a comment below.

[alert color=”yellow”]07 February 2013 update: Apple has changed the location of Location Services in iOS 6 (and later). For updated instructions on how to check if Location Services is enabled on your iPhone, please see How to Enable Location Services on iPhone iOS 6.x.[/alert]

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    @Jay — I googled this and found your solution on page 2. Thank you so much; this was the problem! A lot of the time I turn off location on my iPhone 4 to save battery. Thanks again!

    • @Mike and all: I'm glad to be of help. Thank you, too, for letting me know that you find this post useful.

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    Fabulous! I'm happily uploading from my iPhone now. THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THE SOLUTION. :o)

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    Thank you! Will keeping it on run down the battery faster?

    • @Elissa: I don't think so. Facebook doesn't really use Location Services unless you check into places or take photos.

  • Melanie

    This works, but I don't know if I WANT the Location Services for Facebook turned on. What exactly does this do? Does it mean that the photos posted will now have GPS data embedded in the code? I don't want that. Anyone with info on this??

    • @Melanie: I think Facebook requires Location Services for Places (check-ins). You can just disable it again after you upload your photos. Your photos are geo-tagged by your iPhone, not by the Facebook app.

  • steve

    I can't believe this is being touted as a "fix". This is another attempt by Facebook to erode user security.

    • @Steve: I know a lot of people have issues with Facebook's privacy measures. I don't totally agree with some of their policies, but I am able to tolerate them for now. If I were one of those people who hate Facebook for their privacy policies, I'd stop using Facebook. They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      Zuck it up or take it up with Zuckerberg. Excuse the pun.

  • Doug

    I just found that if you turn location services completely off for the whole phone, that also seems to allow the photo to be uploaded. Interesting….

    • Holly

      Thank you! I made sure Facebook was turned on but it still didn't work. Then I saw your post and turned off location services completely and now it's working just fine.

    • @Doug: That is interesting. I guess that confirms that this is an "undocumented feature" (AKA bug).

    • michaelsharman

      Yep, 2012 and the fb app is still buggy. I couldn’t upload photos or video via 3G or wireless…but I turned OFF location services and it worked first go. Insane.

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    thanks for the info i still can't upload my pictures to my iphone? starts to upload and it freezes and stays there i end up cancelind the upload please help. thanks Jackie

    • Have you tried restarting your iPhone?

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    • @Jenny: You're the second person to tell me this (first was my mother). Thank you. I'm glad to be of help. 🙂

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    I tried updating the app, and i got one photo to load w/o a caption but then when i tried again with a caption it didnt work. then i turned on location services, still nothing, completely turned off location services, still nothing again. they keep popping up in my mobile uploads album but not the wall. ive had this problem before and un-installed the app, but thats a headache. i just restarted my phone as well and it still doesnt work! help! i have a 3GS running the latest iOS update and latest facebook app

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    My iPhone 3GS isn’t uploading pictures to Facebook.. The loading bar will fully load but then it goes back to where it gives you the option to upload or cancel. I’ve tried everything, including what apple support told me to do and checking my location services, restrictions, restarting my phone, reinstalling the app. And I don’t know what else to do. HELPP

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    hi, I followed the instructions above but i do not see the facebook app under location services…can you help.

  • metahead

    @IrisCruz Did you install the Facebook app on your iPhone? Or you’re using Facebook via your iPhone’s Safari browser?

  • kames1

    My settngs are different. Facebook is in “Settings” and I don’t have the option to turn on location services. Locations services is “on” in Settings, but Facebook is not one of the apps requesting to use it. Also, my iPhone doesn’t show up under my hard drive, even when it shoes up in iTunes. Suggestions

    • Turntwo8

      I have the same problem…..

    • Jay

      kames1, what iOS version are you using?

  • SheilaB

    Didn’t work for me. Posted a pic a few hours ago then deleted post to change the caption. Unable to post pics ever since. The pic goes to my ‘mobile uploads’ but post doesn’t go to wall or news feed. Another weird thing is screen goes to black the second the upload shows as being done.

  • JessicaReginaCox

    ive tried turning the location services on and off many times and still no luck, i have also unstalled and reinstalled the app without any luck. HELP!



    I just recently got my iphone not even a week ago. I cannot get photos to upload to FB. I keep getting the error message ‘Error sharing photos’. I tried the fix here, but it did not work. My location is turned on, so I did turn it off and turn it back on again… unsuccessful. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times, nadda… please help, this is very frustrating.

  • KassiePanther

    This isn’t working for me! I did this for both the Facebook app and safari and I still can’t upload from either. Safari says my browser doesn’t support uploading pictures and my app will try to upload and then fail. I’ve been uploading to Facebook just fine since I’ve got my phone and today is the first time I’ve encountered this problem. Please help!

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    I still can’t upload pics to fb..

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    Didn’t work for me at all- cant even change my cover photo- says page not available or I have been blocked- I am about done with wasting my time with FB

  • Kim

    After months of being frustrated this finally worked, but a little differently… Settings-General – Location Settings… Facebook was turned on, but CAMERA was not. When I turned “camera” to on, and restarted my iphone…. voila! Finally working!! Thanks!

  • Millie

    I tried all the above and did not work then went to settings, privacy, photos and selected “on” for the Facebook app…

  • CommanderAmanda

    No luck for me. I used to be able to upload photos. Now when I try to upload from my library on my phone it comes up with the message..”This app does not have access to your photos or videos” It says you can enable in Privacy settings, but bugger me if I know where 🙁

    • industriella

      Oh, I know this one! If you recently updateed to iOS 6, you need to go to Settings, Photos, and choose On. That should give FB access to your Camera Roll

      • grace

        That didn’t work because there were already on but what I had to do was go to Settings, Privacy, Facebook then choose on and it worked

      • Thank you. This is what worked for me.

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    I’m trying to upload pictures off my phone but its sayin that ain’t got facebook configure so I clicked onto settings and following what they are saying but it ain’t working can someone please help me! :).

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    I just try this. Like just now. 🙁 and it won’t let me upload one of my videos on Facebook. Why is it doing this?

  • No “location services” under general settings:(

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    Try going to camera roll choose photo then forward to FB worked for me and I am a technical retard

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    I figured out that you can’t upload from the ‘camera’ you have to upload from ‘photos’

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    I can access my camera tool but no longer access my albums on iPhone 7 from Facebook as of last FBI update. Is there a workaround of way to rectify this?

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